The Perfect Hats for Summer Fun

WALLAROO Hat Company is one of the finest purveyors of hats there is. The quality and cost cannot be matched in this industry. What’s all the fuss about? Aside from being beautifully crafted, WALLAROO hats with a 3″ brim or wider has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation with UPF ratings as an effective UV protectant.

Not only that, the company is also committed to the elimination of skin cancer. The WALLAROO Sun Protection Commitment is a promise that each year, they donate 1 percent of their profits to skin cancer research, education and prevention in the U.S.

Who ever said sun protection isn’t stylish? Inspired by nature, WALLAROO hats are lovingly made with natural fibers that are the very inspiration for their latest collection of hats. Raw materials such as abaca, seagrass and raffia sets the scene and a sturdy canvas for their designers to build upon. Next, they craft new fashionable hats by using beautiful and unique trims, dyes and weaving processes. My favorite hat is the Elsbeth. It’s actually made of camel-colored felt with black vegan leather trim, and it has that wonderful UV protection for this time of year. By carefully sourcing the finest quality of materials around, WALLAROO hats retain their shape, color and style for years to come.

Make an entrance, a fashion statement and stay cool at the same time. These hats are absolutely beautiful as they are affordable.

Known for their high quality and integrity, the company also guarantees your satisfaction with every hat. Call Wallaroo at 888-925-2766 for details and to order today or simply visit






A Perfect Portable Charger for Fashionistas!

Introducing your new fashion accessory…

It’s white with lavender and mint polka dots or black and white stripes, and fits into the palm of your hand:  Its the MyCHARGE Style-power extra portable charger perfect for charging your phone, tablet and more. It provides up to 2x the extra battery life of your phone or laptop. With a built in recharge cable that snaps into its side, it’s a no fuss no mess way to charge what you need to in a hurry.

Portable chargers help keep us in the loop with checking our emails and social media. It also allows us to take that wonderful vacation photo or selfie of you and your buddies. Most importantly, with MyCHARGE, you no longer have to scour for a wall outlet whenever your devices are low on battery.

And with a charger this pretty, you can carry it around like a fashion accessory. It’s a montage of both looks and quality. I keep mine in my gym bag for staying power while I workout in my Barre class. It truly delivers. I do recommend it.

Specifics: Battery: 4400mAh.        Input: 2.4A          Output: 2.4A

Visit for more details.

The Queen of all lip Stains

OLAXER is an up and coming beauty product company. With bath bombs and facial brushes, beauty blenders and beautiful lip stains, they are a business worth watching.

My favorite product of theirs is a collection called BLOOM! It features six different colored lip stains, from soft pink to bright red to peach and purple. I really enjoy this product. I was rocking out at a Bon Jovi concert recently and the lip stain stayed on the entire time without having to reapply it. I can use the soft pink shade when I go to my Barre workout and it lasts and lasts without a smear or a budge.

For just $19.99 at, you, too, can rock this lip stain to your heart’s content. Check out OLAXER today!




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Fashionably Comfy

The “Happiest Tee” redefines how you celebrate your happy place…

Luxury hotel executive Suzanne Corbo teamed up with Hollywood gift guru Lash Fary to introduce a new line of comfort wear. It’s HAPPIEST TEE, a line of luxury novelty tee shirts to lounge around in. The clothing company celebrates iconic destinations in style and comfort.

“We wanted to redefine the souvenir tee with an American-made luxury garment that was comfortable yet elevated, ” says Corbo, whose clientele list includes high-end boutiques with resorts in Miami, Sorrento, Lake Como and New York City.

The HAPPIEST TEE is incredibly soft and wonderful to wear with a pair of pajama bottoms or their classic PJ shorts. Their merchandise also features tanks, sweatshirts and classic short or long-sleeved tee shirts.

Wether its a salute to your hometown, a celebration of a fabulous vacation, or a gift for a friend whose passion is for travel, a HAPPIEST TEE is the perfect choice. My long sleeved Tee shirt is light gray with gold lame lettering that says “Happiest in Love.” I really enjoy kicking back with it on as it’s so very soft next to my skin.

Comments Fary, “There’s nothing that compares to the fit, quality and comfort of a HAPPIEST TEE.”

For details or to order, please visit






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