Experience the Caribbean Without Leaving Home

Introducing luxe new fragrances by NATEEVA. Each of the three featured fragrances are inspired by the native flowers of the Caribbean, a fresh fragrant trio from Laurent Le Guernec.

These beautifully crafted scents will sweep you away to the golden warmth of stress-free idle days.

NATEEVA’s first fragrances celebrates the extraordinary essences of the islands and are therefore aptly named: The Bahamas, Jamaica and Saint Martin.  The Bahamas is a wonderful floral scent inspired by the yellow Elder flower of the island.  The exotic native scent of Jamaica is derived from the Lignum Vitae flower, and my favorite, Saint Martin, is duly inspired by the gorgeous and stunning Hibiscus flower. Here’s what it says inside the gorgeous packaging and box of this particular perfume:


Flaming crimson petals bloom

Against velvet leaves

Hibiscus swaying gently

In the tender breeze of reminiscence

Your sweet perfume veils

The powdery white shore

And crystalline emerald sea

Etching memories on my heart

I want to wake up with you again

In the golden morning paradise of my mind

Like a lover’s silken touch

Your ethereal blossoms call me back…

The other two scents are just as intoxicating. They are all florals but very different in scent.

I like to spray my body and then my pillows and sheets for a pleasant night’s sleep; waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Perhaps the best thing about this perfume trio is that it has staying power; the scent lasts and lasts without being overbearing.

Add NATEEVA to your life and you will be transported to the lush Caribbean without leaving home. I think it should be part of every woman’s fragrance collection; the perfect scent for hot, humid days and balmy, romantic nights wherever you are.

For more details and to order, please call 1.855.NATEEVA or visit NATEEVA.com.

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Botanical Beauty With Arbonne


ARBONNE  is featuring three wonderfully effective masks to keep you glowing with a beautiful complexion this summer. Their face masks are easy to use and reasonably priced. You’re going to love to indulge in this special selection of high quality face masks. Your skin will look and feel fabulous. Being beautiful has never been so fun and easy!

NEW! ARBONNE Rescue & Renew Detox Mask ($44, Arbonne.com)

This creamy French pink clay formula cleanses to draw out impurities from the skin’s surface like a magnet, resulting in smaller-looking pores. Utilizing an oil-pulling technology with 5 self-neutralizing acids to help clarify and brighten skin’s appearance, the mask transitions from wet to dry to visibly show where excess sebum is drawn out. It is balanced out with hydrating rosemary oil so your skin is never stripped of moisture.

ARBONNE suggests you use this mask one-two times per week. You’ll probably experience some tingling or redness when applied in a thin layer to your clean face, but it’s not at all unpleasant, Rather, this mask should be part of every woman’s beauty arsenal.

NEW! ARBONNE RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask ($68, Arbonne.com)

Pineapple and papaya enzymes in this mask work together to gently remove dead skin cells to minimize the look of pores and improve the appearance of skin tone revealing your healthiest-looking complexion. Sustainable orange stem cells help to improve the appearance of skin radiance, elasticity, firmness and texture while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and conditioning the skin. Because of the strength of the ingredients of this mask’s formula, you don’t want to use it more than twice a week. It’s highly effective in clarifying your complexion. Apply this mask on your face at night and leave it on for just five to seven minutes. You’ll notice your skin looks brighter and clear after it’s use. This mask is a real winner, so do try it if you want to look your very best!

ARBONNE Clear Future Soothing Overnight Mask ($36, Arbonne.com)

This lightweight skin clearing mask is formulated with exopolysaccharide, derived from marine algae, helps mattify skin and control sebum by absorbing it at the skin’s surface. Prebiotics help condition and moisturize skin while preventing impurities from settling into and clogging pores. I love this mask. All you need to do is apply a thin layer to your clean face  and let it dry. It only takes a moment, Then, just go to la la land. At first I was concerned about using an overnight mask because I was thinking it might ruin my pillow, but it didn’t. My fears were unfounded. It’s very lightweight and dries nicely on your face with no excess residue to fret about. In the morning, simply rinse it off and you’re ready to face the day,  literally.

If I were you, I’d get all three masks for their own unique properties and benefits. Check out Arbonne.com today for some of the best masks ever!

All Eyes Are on You with Models Own

If you want all eyes on you when you walk into a room, then MODELS OWN cosmetics is the collection you’ll want in your makeup bag. Your search for a brilliant range of color cosmetics is over–and it’s all thanks to the masterful product development team from the  UK!

Since 2008, MODELS OWN is known globally for their bold, fun colors as they take on a wildly successful makeup and accessories line that you can find at ULTA. Their liquid lipsticks pack on the vibrancy and their extensive range of highlighters have you social media ready at any moment. Moreover, their beautiful palettes allow you to be fickle and brave as you push your boundaries with makeup and fall in love with different looks over and over.

Their double ended eyeliner is amazing. Liquid on one end, and a soft pencil on the other end. I also love their color chrome eyeshadow kit which comes with its own primer and mixing tray so you can rock your foiled eyelids with a dramatic pop of color. Their Sculpt & Glow liquid highlighter in Rose Gold is a winner and left me camera ready all day. It’s truly a fabulous product line that I enjoy wearing, and I know you will be too!

With more than 650 eye, face and lip products that meet the demand for fast beauty, MODELS OWN doesn’t believe in one look day in and day out. Putting the color back into cosmetics is what they are all about. No rules, no judgments, no limits. Try MODELS OWN for bravery in beauty. 

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A Perfect Portable Charger for Fashionistas!

Introducing your new fashion accessory…

It’s white with lavender and mint polka dots or black and white stripes, and fits into the palm of your hand:  Its the MyCHARGE Style-power extra portable charger perfect for charging your phone, tablet and more. It provides up to 2x the extra battery life of your phone or laptop. With a built in recharge cable that snaps into its side, it’s a no fuss no mess way to charge what you need to in a hurry.

Portable chargers help keep us in the loop with checking our emails and social media. It also allows us to take that wonderful vacation photo or selfie of you and your buddies. Most importantly, with MyCHARGE, you no longer have to scour for a wall outlet whenever your devices are low on battery.

And with a charger this pretty, you can carry it around like a fashion accessory. It’s a montage of both looks and quality. I keep mine in my gym bag for staying power while I workout in my Barre class. It truly delivers. I do recommend it.

Specifics: Battery: 4400mAh.        Input: 2.4A          Output: 2.4A

Visit myCHARGE.com for more details.

No More Tangles!

Introducing the TANGLE BUSTER by KARECO SALON PRODUCTS. It’s a large flexible paddle brush that massages your scalp while you detangle your hair. Their easy-glide brushing is snag free and tangle free without pulling or breakage. It’s gentle to scalp and hair and you can use it on wet or dry hair or even hair extensions. The wide platform allows for large sections of hair to style. The vented base allows consistent heat flow as you dry your hair. The comfort non-slip handle grip is made of a one piece mold for greater control and flexibility.

Bye-Bye nasty tangles…

For how-to videos and more product info, please visit http://www.kareco.com


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The Royce Family NY Leather Goods

I just fell in love with ROYCE New York nd their fine, buttery soft leather works. I love ROYCE because it reinforces the values that will lead our world long after we leave it: respect for hard work, respect for new invention and most importantly, respect for one another. They have faith in their beautiful products, their customers and their people.

ROYCE creates gorgeous leather passport covers and luggage tags, with special expertise in monogramming them. They portray honesty in delivery, innovation in design and comfort in family, gives them the pleasure of knowing your journey is being well traveled.

Life is a gift. ROYCE shares theirs with you.

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Frownies are Nothing to Frown About!

Introducing FROWNIES Immune Perfect eye cream that soothes, nourishes and moisturizes your delicate eye area. This anti-oxidant gel cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles while also restoring youthful skin tone and texture.

FROWNIES gives you 18 hours of active hydration and protection against free radicals, along with continuous release of the antioxidants; aloe, melanin, and a whole form of Vitamin E from oat oil.

Immune Perfect even helps control oxidation caused by UV rays, environmental pollutants and color cosmetics.  So easy to apply, easy to appreciate.

Check out my previous entry about FROWNIES and add this to your beauty arsenal today!











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The British are Coming!!!

Want all eyes on you when you make your entrance into a room? How about stirring up everyone’s curiosity at a party? You want your make up looking effortless and flawless? Well thank goodness the British are coming and they are now at ULTA!

MODELS OWN is the make up collection you seek. Your search for a brilliant range of color cosmetics is over. It’s all thanks to the masterful product development team from the United Kingdom.

Since 2008, Models Own is known globally for their bold fun color in a wildly successful makeup and accessories line. True to the bold and brave attitude they carry, MODELS OWN offers a collection that spotlights an explosion of color and innovation, including their minty color drenched LIX Matte Liquid Lipsticks that will leaving you looking  kissably chic. It’s smooth matte lip creme with my favorite “in” color #05 (purple). Plus, their Vintage Rose eye palette rocks! It’s soooo beautiful with deep violets, shimmery beiges and matte midnight blues for the ultimate love story. Also check out their awesome Sculpt & Go liquid highlighter. I love this! Just sculpt and glow and you’re ready to post a selfie on social media!

With more than 650 eye, face and lip products that meet the demand for fast beauty, MODELS OWN doesn’t believe in one size fits all, one look fits all. This is really great makeup, fun to apply, and even better to wear.

No Rules, no judgements, no limits: Bravery in beauty.

All products are now available thru ULTA and ULTA.com. Tweet: @modelsown, Instagram: modelsownofficial.

Get it now!



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Beauty Vitamins that Really Deliver!

NOURAGE luxury nourishment for hair, skin, and nails and eyelashes, has a new product out ladies and germs.   These beauty vitamins will bring you thicker hair, stronger nails, longer eyelashes and clear skin.  I take three tablets a day with a month’s supply in a pretty jar. My hair grew an inch in just a couple of weeks and I feel pretty!

So what is in NOURAGE? First off, Cynatine patented keratin. It also contains Biotin, Vitamin B6, and no added sugar. It’s Non GMO and gluten free, too. Most impressively, it has a proprietary blend of powerful antioxidants including acai, blueberry, elderberry and Vitamin C.

This company was founded in 1992 and it’s a mother-daughter organization. They’ve worked hard over the years to being us this beauty supplement, See for yourself!


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PCA Skin: It Could be Your Best Friend

With a large array of advancing skincare products, PCA SKIN is committed to robust clinical education and the scientific development of quality skin care. For over 25 years, they’ve been in the business and are at the forefront of the industry. From professional treatments to daily care, they are dedicated to formulating with the optimal combination of ingredients that target individual skin types, concerns and overall skin health for superior results. Through partnering with doctors and clinicians, PCA SKIN improves people’s lives by providing healthy, beautiful and younger looking skin.

Some PCA SKIN Products:

  1. Perfecting Neck and Decollete
  2. EyeXcellence
  3. Peptide Lip Therapy
  4. Hydrating serum
  5. Sheer tint broad spectrum spf 45
  6. C&E Strength

The verdict after testing these products? A fun regimen and wonderful skin care products in a mid range price. Try PCA SKIN today. For details, visit pcaskin.com.

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