The Perfect Hats for Summer Fun

WALLAROO Hat Company is one of the finest purveyors of hats there is. The quality and cost cannot be matched in this industry. What’s all the fuss about? Aside from being beautifully crafted, WALLAROO hats with a 3″ brim or wider has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation with UPF ratings as an effective UV protectant.

Not only that, the company is also committed to the elimination of skin cancer. The WALLAROO Sun Protection Commitment is a promise that each year, they donate 1 percent of their profits to skin cancer research, education and prevention in the U.S.

Who ever said sun protection isn’t stylish? Inspired by nature, WALLAROO hats are lovingly made with natural fibers that are the very inspiration for their latest collection of hats. Raw materials such as abaca, seagrass and raffia sets the scene and a sturdy canvas for their designers to build upon. Next, they craft new fashionable hats by using beautiful and unique trims, dyes and weaving processes. My favorite hat is the Elsbeth. It’s actually made of camel-colored felt with black vegan leather trim, and it has that wonderful UV protection for this time of year. By carefully sourcing the finest quality of materials around, WALLAROO hats retain their shape, color and style for years to come.

Make an entrance, a fashion statement and stay cool at the same time. These hats are absolutely beautiful as they are affordable.

Known for their high quality and integrity, the company also guarantees your satisfaction with every hat. Call Wallaroo at 888-925-2766 for details and to order today or simply visit






Pharmagel Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

Founded in 1987, PHARMAGEL is busy celebrating their 30th Anniversary as one of the most successful skin care companies around. Their products are renowned as the premier line of high quality pharmaceutical grade, age defying skincare.

PHARMAGEL recognized through scientific research that topically applied vitamins and natural plant derived antioxidants could dramatically and visibly repair skin damage. Antioxidants in combination with pure ingredients work synergistically, resulting in a remarkable improvement in the health and youthful appearance of your skin.

The products smell wonderful and I like their potency. Their age-defying skin care includes the Hydra Cleanse cleanser, Enzyme EX-Cell exfoliating scrub and Glyco-8, an alpha hydroxy moisturizer. It leaves my skin so smooth; prepping it for sunscreen and makeup.

As a leader of the very finest skin treatment technologies, PHARMAGEL is committed to offering unsurpassed guaranteed quality, skin treatment products available today. You can find this fantastic product through professional salons and spas throughout the world.

Visit or simply call 800.882.4889.



















The Magic Of Borghese Beauty

It’s been around for awhile, but that’s because Princess Marcella Borghese’s beauty product line is fabulous! High quality and on the expensive side, I have found their products to be worth the investment.

Take for instance their wonderfully scented SPF 15 Facial lotion. It glides on smoothly and protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This sheer, lightweight formula provides a silken, barely there feel, yet it imparts exceptional moisturization as well as advanced protection from premature signs of skin aging. Use every morning for the very best results for your complexion.

Then, I just adore their anti-aging moisturizer for both night and day in one product: Intensive Age Defying Complex. This Italian-made product has a fabulous almond scent and is nice and thick, absorbing into your skin, you feel an immediate difference. It’s like a cross between a balm and a lotion.The power off Vitamins C and E deliver anti-oxidant benefits, too, in a highly energizing anhydrous lotion. Apply it to your face and throat after cleansing for the first line of defense against aging and harmful environmental aggressors.

I think you’re really going to adore these beauty products!

For details, visit






It’s All in the Water

It’s a healthy way to clean! Water plus salt plus science merges into disinfecting redefined.Now, you no longer have to rely on scent to indicate clean clothes or inhale toxic chemicals while cleaning. pHur promotes living naturally, clean and pure. It’s my “go-to”


disinfectant because this product kills odor-causing bacteria rather than just covering the odors.   You might want to empty out that cleaning cabinet. Toss out those icky wipes,  scrubbing powders and other chemically-laden products that aren’t helping you              and instead could actually be hurting you and your family. pHur replaces multiple toxic products with just two all-natural ingredients that are proven effective against 99.999% of known bacteria and viruses.

Simply clean, spray and walk away, with confidence knowing your items have been nice

and cleaned, and also be assured by the fact that pHur has been thoroughly tested in labs,

hospitals and homes. It is, of course, EPA registered.

So breathe easy while disinfecting your home. This cleaner is powerful enough for your

toilet seat, shower, counters and door knobs. It’s also safe for your baby’s crib or car seat

and high chair. Some moms simply spray their kids’ toy boxes at the end of the day to help

clean up.

Plus, you’ll be helping pHur give back. With every system kit sold, a donation is made to

Mothers Without Borders, a non-profit organization working to protect and provide for

vulnerable children in Africa. Your purchase helps to ensure that their facilities are clean

and safe.

For this alkaline cleaner, please call (844)USE-PHUR or email

For details on Mothers Without Borders, visit





DYI: Define Your Inspiration

DYI (Define Your Inspiration), is a company that not only makes fabulous athletic clothing, but they are also a company with both integrity and determination to empower women! In a world with so much extremeness in fitness, creator Leslie Denby started DYI to help women break boundaries through exercising.

With a background as a fitness instructor and fashion, the two merged to lead Denby to understand the limitations that some workout wear came with and wanted to design a line of clothing that comfortably and fashionably allows you to be yourself! Having a clothing line that makes you look and feel amazing will help you achieve DYI’s main goals: to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced.

All clothing is made in the USA.

High waisted and no bothersome elastic bottoms

Fashionable and breathable tanks and tees

Supportive sports bras

Stylish jackets and pullovers

Fun colors and designs

DYI makes the perfect present for anyone passionate about fitness, such as Yoga and Running. Grab you and your loved ones DYI fashionable fitness clothing for the holidays today!  Define Your Inspiration at

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Natural Vitality in a Bottle

Today lets talk about Natural Vitality’s sought after magnesium products. Whats the big deal about magnesium? Why another supplement? First off, many of us are magnesium deficient without knowing it and can’t get it from food alone. Magnesium, known as the calm mineral, is just now beginning to move into more mainstream consumer awareness.

Studies show that magnesium can improve sleep for children and adults. It can help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep and sleep more soundly, which is why I take it. It comes packaged in a plastic bottle, and you simply add the correct amount of the magnesium powder into a tall glass of water or juice. Drink it down and get ready to feel calmer and more relaxed. In fact, their product is called Natural Calm.

It’s not only good for sleep, but for many other things as well. Many conditions, including heart health, bone integrity and kidney stone prevention is benefited by magnesium. Studies show that magnesium is inversely related to the hardening of the arteries making it protective against heart disease. It also works to lower blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol. Related to bone health, magnesium is an essential member of the bone building team in our bodies.

Not only that, but magnesium is involved in hundreds of activities int he human body. It’s responsible for nervous system balance, muscle relaxation blood sugar control, energy production and proper bowel functioning.  A lack of this at a cellular level can slow these processes down and lead you to feeling like a slug. You may not feel as sharp as usual if you’re magnesium deficient.

You can’t overdose on magnesium and this supplement is safe. Like vitamin C, excess magnesium is flushed from he system through urination.

For details visit






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