Book Review: The Mind Illuminated

Im sitting here in my home office looking through piles of mail when a UPS package caught my eye. Someone was kind enough to send me a copy of their book, The Mind Illuminated, By Culadasa (John Yates, PH.d) and Matthew Immergut, PhD with Jeremy Graves.

This is quite the book!

It’s a complete meditation guide that integrates Buddhist wisdom and brain science for greater mindfulness. It brings the passion of meditation to life. The Mind Illuminated is a comprehensive guide to meditation for a Western audience. ¬†Combing the age old teachings of Buhhda with the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and psychology, there is step-by-step guidance for each stage of the path. From your very first sitting, ¬†asking the way to mastery of meditation, this book can help you get there. I warn you, it is not “easy reading.”416 pages of comprehensive information on meditating. Nevertheless, it’s a systematic hands-on manual, a great help to anyone who wants to completely fathom the process of meditative development in all its stages. This innovative book offers a ten-stage program that is both deeply grounded in ancient buhhdist teachings of mindfulness and also draws from cutting edge research in neuroscience.

Topics included:

  1. What are the first steps for someone who wants to begin a meditation practice?
  2. What’s happening in the mind from a scientific perspective during each stage of his meditation models?
  3. Tips & techniques for overcoming hurdles, such as mind-wandering, distraction and dullness.
  4. The authors’s personal journey to find awakening.

SO, if you’re prepared to take this on, the book releases on January 3, 2017. Published by Touchstone, a division of Simon & Schuster.

The Mind Illuminated

Price $25.99

ISBN: 9781501156984










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