1,000 Roses in a Bottle

I just discovered a luxurious facial cosmeceutical unlike any other! It’s KYPRIS Beauty Elixir 1. They believe that beauty can only be created by beauty itself. To them, it means respecting the earth, the souls that care for the land, the people who carefully collect these botanical treasures, and how each of these elements combines so you most benefit from and experience pleasure in your ecstatic self-care rituals.

For rose lovers, it provides nourishing, glowing, rose-petal soft skin. KYPRIS is a 100% active and moisturizing beauty oil created with holistic principles in mind. It is scientifically established with CoQ10, Vitamin C ester, a plethora of botanical extracts, plant stem cells, and the essential oil with more than 1,000 organic Bulgarian roses. It is combined to repair signs of environmental challenges as well as provide you with a gorgeous complexion as it boosts collagen and and elasticity. Also, KYPRIS diminishes the signs of UV rays overexposure.

I like the fact it smells so wonderfully uplifting without any synthetic fragrances! It’s all natural. In this moisturizing oil, you’ll also find Baobab, which is a wealth of essential fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and phytosterols to restore rose-petal soft skin. In addition, this product’s black raspberry contains anthocyanins that target the root of inflammation to support your skin’s overall integrity and beauty. The pomegranate in this elixir spotlights more than 60 % punicic acid, a prized conjugated fatty acid, and lovingly imparts patent botanical wisdom to challenge inflammations and soothe signs of UV overexposure.

KYPRIS feels absolutely amazing on my face. The scent is divine, and we can all use some wondrous aromatherapy. I put it on after I wash and tone my face every morning and night. My husband says I have the softest skin ever! And I feel good knowing its animal cruelty-free and completely organic.

KYPRIS=beauty, soul and science. For more details and to order visit KyprisBeauty.com. Your amazing potion will arrive packaged in a beautiful and soft blue velvet bag.

Invest in yourself. Make your beauty regimen more enticing and order KYPRIS today.




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Sexy Moon Dust Drinks!

Now that I have your attention…

There’s an exciting new and innovative herbal supplement “juice” called Moon Dust. Created by a mother, chef and alchemist to harness the healing power of plants, Venice, California-based Moon Juice makes well-being edible to nourish you from the inside out.

Moon Dusts are custom blends of superherbs used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each particular Moon Dust helps combat the effects of stress in a specific way; to nourish your body from the inside out.

There are six different blends:

  1. Beauty Dust for edible beauty radiance to expand beauty luster and glow from within
  2. Brain Dust for intelligence aligns you with the mighty cosmic flow needed for great achievement
  3. Sex Dust for attraction is alchemized to ignite and excite your sexy energy in and out of the bedroom
  4. Power Dust for strength formulated to support success and harmony in accomplishing physical or entrepreneurial feats
  5. Spirit Dust for bliss and helping you to unwind and expand peaceful awareness
  6. Dream Dust for rest and lulling you into a deep, restorative nocturnal tranquility.

This stuff smells funny and doesn’t taste very good unless you mix the dust with stevia. Then it becomes a real sensation! Non GMO, vegan, gluten free, nut free and zero sugar, their main ingredients I find fascinating. Moon Dust is alchemized with organic and wildcrafted adaptogenic plants, bioactive minerals and mushrooms. Its unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. For example. in Sex Dust, you’ll find ingredients such as Ho Shou Wu, Maca, and horny goat weed.

Keep it simple and add Moon Dust to beverages such as coffee tea and smoothies. Or you can do what I do, and add it to heated almond milk. They are packaged in little sachets for each serving convenience.

Cosmic in a cup, order your Moon Dust at moonjuiceshop.com today.






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Aromatherapy for Your Car!

You heard right-it’s aromatherapy for your car and its easy to use, Try INVIGORATE’S car essential oil diffuser. This beautifully designed diffuser connects to any standard 12VDC vehicle power socket or a USB power source. It delivers an effective way to enjoy your favorite essential oils while you’re on-the-go. Their patent pending design controls both airflow and vaporization to produce superior results: Your car will smell like a day spa. My favorite essential oil to use is Bergamot because it is uplifting.

It’s easy to use, too. Simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto one of it’s filters which comes in the package, plug in INVIGORATE, and enjoy!

Moreover, you can even recharge your USB compatible mobile devices with our included power adaptor.

This makes a thoughtful gift or a prefect present for yourself.

For more details, please check out http://www.InvigoriateOils.com










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Wild about Kneipp!

125 years ago , Kneipp has been the leader in lifelong naturopathic studies of health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp.  His life learnings inspired the emergence and advancement of Kneipp GmbH. During his lifetime, Sebastian educated, shared and ultimately provided all people with a simple plan to maintain good health through the natural healing powers of water, plant and herbs. Commonly known as one of the forefathers of the naturopathic medicine movement and inventor of the Water Cures, Sebastian’slife philosophy and teachings remain at the core of the Kneipp Brand.

Today, this brand embraces historical values by expertly combining the composition of science and nature to produce optimal, quality certified formulas that nourish, rejuvenate, beautify and invigorate the skin and body. Its smells just wonderful! What a grand product line!  Since 1891, Kneipp has provided body care and bath products free from preservatives, paraffin and silicone oils and primarily vegan. Kneipp is an international-operating company headquartered in Bavaria, Germany.

They offer Arnica bath oil for muscle aches and pains, my can’t-live-without Relaxing lavender body wash which smells absolutely intense! They also provide a soft almond blossom body wash, Red Poppy & Hemp Bubble Bath and eucalyptus mineral bath salts, to name a few.

The Five Pillars of Kneipp Philosophy

  1. Water
  2. Plants
  3. Excercise
  4. Nutrition
  5. Balance

Use Kneipp products if you want soft skin enhanced by  beautiful fragrances.

For details, please visit Kneipp.com.











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Jane Iredale Lipstick

Jane Iredale, known for her natural, fine cosmetics often sold in spas and online, has a new lipstick out that moisturizes and adds sheer color to your lips. It’s Pure Moist Lipstick, and with its sleek, gold casing, you’ll want to show it off as much as you’ll want to wear it!

Add this fine lipstick to your collection.

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The Magic Of Borghese Beauty

It’s been around for awhile, but that’s because Princess Marcella Borghese’s beauty product line is fabulous! High quality and on the expensive side, I have found their products to be worth the investment.

Take for instance their wonderfully scented SPF 15 Facial lotion. It glides on smoothly and protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This sheer, lightweight formula provides a silken, barely there feel, yet it imparts exceptional moisturization as well as advanced protection from premature signs of skin aging. Use every morning for the very best results for your complexion.

Then, I just adore their anti-aging moisturizer for both night and day in one product: Intensive Age Defying Complex. This Italian-made product has a fabulous almond scent and is nice and thick, absorbing into your skin, you feel an immediate difference. It’s like a cross between a balm and a lotion.The power off Vitamins C and E deliver anti-oxidant benefits, too, in a highly energizing anhydrous lotion. Apply it to your face and throat after cleansing for the first line of defense against aging and harmful environmental aggressors.

I think you’re really going to adore these beauty products!

For details, visit http://www.Borghese.com.