Spiritual Arrogance: My Recent Awful Experience!

Warning: What I am going to say here may make you angry. But if you are curious, please read on.

I have always been fascinated with spirituality and healing the body and the mind. Not religion per se, as I value and respect all religions greatly. But I mean Spirituality–doing the right thing, helping people in need, caring for your family, counting your blessings, praying, and things like that.  My mother was a Buddhist, and my father was a Protestant. This gave me many different perspectives! It was pretty cool. 

 But back to Spirituality: Have you ever met someone, or a group of people that say they are spiritual, but are not? Maybe a neighbor that goes to church every Sunday, yet they would never stop to help a person in need, or perhaps people that say they are spiritual yet they are quite mean?  I have a big pet peeve about hippocracy (sorry for spelling error, I should know better), and people that do not “walk their talk.” 

I recently started going to a local so-called spiritual center in a small town in the midst of the Northern California Foothills. They offer Yoga, meditation, and all sorts of healing modalities. However, it was not what I had hoped for. At first, I thought it was. Then I was so disappointed to discover how wrong I was. Or rather, how wrong they were. I had been searching for a special place for a long time.

Here is what happened to me:  I participated in their Yoga classes, and the instructor who calls herself a healer and spiritual leader cussed throughout the entire session! Have you ever been in a Yoga class filled with foul language? I didn’t think so. It felt weird…and wrong. Next, came a meditation session. We all sat around a circle, about 8 of us, and chanted. That was cool. We did deep breathing rituals, and that was good too. Then we sat around and shared our thoughts and feelings. I was new, but I am very outspoken so I asked a lot of questions. What is ascension? What do you mean by this?, etc.  I didn’t see the harm in asking. I only wanted clarification and to understand.

But that’s not all. Next, my teenage daughter and I was invited to their New Year’s Eve 2008 Party. We were pretty excited about it. Then, a day before the party, I get a message on my voice mail. It was rude beyond belief! It shocked me. The “Spiritual Healer” said: “You and your daughter are not welcome to join us at the party. There are certain people in the group that do not feel comfortable with you. So you are not welcome to join us in our healing circle, meditation and Yoga classes, either. However, if you want a personal one-on-one healing session with me, we can arrange that. Know that I love you. I love you. I love you.”  End of message. OK. Does that tick you off or what? First off, if that is love, I do not want it. Most of all, I had to tell my dear daughter, who was going to go to this party to celebrate her birthday, that we were uninvited. If you are a parent, you know how devastating that can be not only for your child, but even more so for yourself. Then, I thought: So…we are not welcome at this “Spiritual Center,” but our money is.  This “Spiritual Healer” charges money for her personal sessions. What she does, though, exactly, she has not said. Hmmm…

My husband was asleep when I got her message, but he heard me crying so he woke up and comforted me. He knew how excited I was that I thought I had found a spiritual place to learn, grow and share with others. He said, “It is obvious  they have some serious mental problems.”  Even though that made me laugh a bit, I cried myself to sleep that night.

Furthermore, during the classes they always ask for donations. I don’t have a problem with that at all, I am always happy to give to a good cause (I have volunteered a lot of time to help different charities). But I will not give my  money in exchange for disrespect and downright rudeness!

So my question is: Where is the SPIRITUALITY in that?  A so-called “Spiritual Center” with a wannabe healer–a pretender, who basically kicks me out of their “cult” because a couple of people do not approve of me for some reason they will not even have the decency to explain?  I think I know two of the women who do not like me. One girl actually looked at me with such hostility during a meditation session that I shuddered!  She does not know me. No one there does. Many do not even know my name. No one has bothered to ask anything about me. That saddens me as well. Not that I want to talk about myself, it’s just the polite thing to do–to try to get to know a person in such close quarters. Common sense is not so common–another pet peeve of mine.

So anyway, this hostile woman may be mad at me because her boyfriend and I often chat. Perhaps she is jealous? I do not know. I am happily married anyway, so there is no threat there at all. Or maybe she is pissed off because I ask too many questions?  Or, maybe the “Spiritual Leader” herself feels intimidated to be in the presence of another healer?  You know, real healers are more than happy to welcome other healers–that is the way of true spirituality.  I help heal people through Reiki, therapeutic massage, and I am a Holistic Life Coach (as well as a writer, but I haven’t really advertised that yet). I truly care about people. Including those I do not know. I feel for others. I have empathy and understanding because my own life has not been an easy road. I feel compelled to reach out and help–and here, I thought I found “the place.”  My disappointment is almost like a grieving process for me, if that makes sense.  I called the “Spiritual Healer/Leader” several times, but she will not return my calls. I was pretty nice on the messages I left, too. That she will not call me back  is very disrespectful.  So much for her love for me, eh?

Spiritual Arrogance…we do not need this—now, most of all. We need people that truly give a damn. We need “real people” who care, and help one another.  Even smiling at a stranger as we walk down the street makes a positive difference.  It make us happy too, when we help someone. It’s a win-win situation. I love that. But I cannot tolerate hippocrates.  Why can’t we all be real?

So I wrote a complaint letter to the owner of this center about all of this, and what one of her “healers” did to my family. When I hear from her (if she does respond) I will post her reply here on my blog. 

In the meantime, I truly welcome your comments. Has this ever happened to you? If so, how do you handle this hurt? 

What can we do to make this world of ours a better place for our children and grandchildren, and so on? How can we leave a legacy of love, that is soooo vital for each and every one of us?

We are one.  I like that song by U2. Bono sings it. It’s simply called “One.”  Give it a listen. I think you can get it on Yahoo tunes. My teenager would know!

And thank you for listening. And thank you in advance for your comments. I think I will go and “hit the hay.” I have been so very sad the past few days because of this, I have had trouble sleeping. But I think tonight I will be OK, thanks to you 🙂

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